Board Governance

Board Governance

As federally funded organizations, FQHCs are expected to meet certain requirements that are designed to ensure that services are provided in a patient-centered, culturally competent setting. One requirement mandates that the FQHC be governed by a Board of Directors consisting of at least 51% health center patients. This requirement ensures that the health center remains responsive to the needs of the community it serves. FQHCs are also encouraged to recruit board members who have expertise in areas such as health care, business, and law, so they can lend their experience to the governance of the health center.

At the LPCA, we recognize the important role that board members have in the long-term success of a health center.
We work to ensure that the Board of Directors of each existing or new FQHC in Louisiana understands their roles and responsibilities. To do this, we conduct a series of regional board trainings in various locations throughout the state. These regional trainings emphasize the core responsibilities of health center board members, including their legal and financial obligations and their advanced responsibilities, such as fundraising and advocacy. In particular, the courses we offer may include, but are not limited to:

Core Courses

  • Introduction to Health Center Governance
  • Legal Responsibilities of Health Center Board Members
  • Financial Responsibilities of Health Center Board Members
  • Personnel Policies and Procedures Development
  • Clinical Aspects of the Health Center

Advanced Courses

  • Strategic Planning for Health Center Boards
  • Hiring and Evaluating the Executive Director
  • Conducting a Board Meeting
  • Monitoring and Evaluating the Health Center and Board
  • Health Center Policy and Advocacy
  • Health Center Fundraising

We also offer individualized board trainings to new or existing FQHCs on site, or at another location of their choosing.

For more information about our board trainings, please contact Susie Hutchinson at or (225) 927-7662 ext. 212.