Health Information Technology

Health Information Technology

The Louisiana Primary Care Association’s Health Information Technology team is charged with supporting Louisiana’s Community Health Centers with the data support and technical assistance needed to provide care to their patients.

What is Health Information Technology?

Health information technology refers to the processing, analysis and storage of health information digitally. Examples of health IT include telehealth services and cloud data storage of medical information. The use of health IT has grown exponentially over the last decade, improving health care quality, preventing medical errors, increasing efficiency, and reducing health care costs across the board.

At the Louisiana Primary Care Association, we work to fully implement health IT into the FQHCs we partner with. Health IT services have become a top ingredient in providing value-based patient care that improves outcomes.

Services We Offer

Advanced Email Security

  • Preemptive Malicious URL and Ransomeware Defense
  • Threat Landscape Visibility
  • Phishing Risk Assessment
  • No Hardware or Software to Install
  • No Impact to Mail Flow

$8.50 per Mailbox per Month

Data Visualization

Unifying diverse medical data coming from various sources and transforming it into visual content (infographics and mini-infographics, charts, tables, timelines, scatter plots, or others). The primary purpose of visualization is to help medical staff interpret data analytics results faster, recognize trends, and make better decisions.


A Virtual CISO (Chief Information Security Officer) or vCISO is a service that offers organizations the knowledge and skills of a conventional CISO without the associated costs of a full-time executive position.

This role typically includes creating and managing the implementation of a security strategy, ensuring compliance with regulations, training and educating staff about security, and responding to incidents. A vCISO can be an individual or a team providing services remotely.


CyberSecurity Consulting

Providing guidance and principles designed to protect company data, websites, and web applications from attackers who seek to disrupt, delay, alter or redirect the flow of data.


For more information about these services, please contact Chris Obafunwa at or (225) 927-7662, ext. 320.